NOTE: The projects Quantum Edge undertake are confidential. If you would like to find out more detail about these projects, or how we can assist your business to change and grow, please contact us directly.

PP 1

Project: strategic repositioning for international growth

Sector: water equipment manufacturer and plant operator

Project 1

This project was more than a repositioning strategy, it required development of a fully integrated marketing plan that could deliver to the corporate objects of the company. The project also required a major realignment of the internal culture, to effectively engage with customers.

“Deanne is an exceptional strategic thinker who transformed the brand with a carefully implemented program that added value to the company by projecting it as a major player in its market.” Manager, Corporate Development

PP 2

Project: business unit restructure

Sector: disability service provider

Project 2

A major change to the way the disability sector operates is beginning to take place with the implementation of the NDIS. The scheme will mean that people with disabilities will have far greater choice of how they use their income support. For this entrepreneurial organisation it meant a review of their employment services business unit, to ensure it provided relevant services to a changing market and would remain financially viable for the long-term. This meant more than just a tweak, it meant a step change.

“… a lot of the recommendations that you inserted into your report are being implemented. Structural changes, mechanisation, process improvement and commercialisation.” Chief Executive Officer

PP 3

Project: strategic marketing plan

Sector: engineering consultants

Project 3

This successful firm wanted to ensure it had best practice processes, so undertook a comprehensive business audit to identify areas for improvement.  Lack of marketing was identified as a risk to growth. With no marketing capability within the firm, Quantum Edge competitively bid to develop a strategic marketing plan to address this key risk area. The outcome of the audit was a reminder to the firm for the need to monitor business practices and keep up to date with contemporary management principles.

PP 4

Project: strategic business and marketing plan

Sector: arts organisation

Project 4

Often a business or organisation requires funding to seed the development of a commercial product or service. This project was such example. Understanding who the decision makers were in the process and addressing their objectives  was key to presenting a proposal which demonstrated it met the requirements of all parties involved, not just the funding organisation, but also the Government department it reported. A high level of detail was required to clearly articulate the program, what it would achieve and how it would become financially viable in an 18 month period. Included were detailed KPI’s for ongoing accountability.

“Deanne Loan from Quantum Edge was a delight to work with. She delivered a comprehensive report, which resulted in us securing funds to deliver this new project. We were impressed by her interpretation of the fundementals of our project and the speedy delivery.” Chief Executive Officer

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